With our wholesale 3 in 1 coffee package, it is easier than ever for a local coffee producer to have its own instant coffee mix brand. We have been in touch with local coffee roasters to offer the most optimized wholesale 3 in 1 coffee in this field. Our 3 in 1 wholesale is of flexible packaging which is firm, standardized and customized, easy to repack and more.

What is wholesale 3 in 1 coffee?

  • Packing: in bulk ~ big bags or paper cartons with polyethylene liner.
  • Standard net weight: 25 kg each.
  • Well-mixed with firm density and stable quality.
  • Right technology with food hygiene and efficiency.

Who is it for?

  • Wholesalers/importers: buy our wholesale 3 in 1 packed in bulk and then resell in their markets.
  • Local coffee brand owners: just buy and then repack in smaller retail packaging. Easy and convenient.
  • Or you can get it privately labeled – just choose the right formula and we do the rest.

The formula?

wholesale 3 in 1 coffee

We control main coffee ingredients at source from instant coffee to sugar and non-dairy creamer.

Blending of base of pure instant coffees?

  • 100% arabica made.
  • 100% robusta made.
  • Blending between robusta and arabica.


  • Large production capacities:
  • 3 mixers with 1.2 metric tons (1,200kgs) for every 20 minutes and keep increasing.
  • Well-mixing and correct mixing.
  • Passionate R&D team.
  • Flexible orders start as low as 1 metric ton.
  • Local tastes awareness.
  • Competitive pricing in the long run.
  • Quality printing and design by pro-rated designers.
  • Good coffees with different blendings.

Container loading?

  • 600 bags x 25kgs to fill up 1 container 20ft DC.
  • Bag consists of 3 craft layers outside with 1 anti-moisture polyethylene liner.

For product’s specifications?

Please click here to download.