Freeze-dried 3in1

Freeze-dried 3in1

What is freeze-dried 3 in 1 coffee?

We’ve mixed it – freeze-dried 3 in 1 coffee – the best instant coffee mix for you. Freeze-dried 3 in 1 is made from best soluble coffee mixed with sugar and non-diary creamer. Pure freeze-dried is extracted from good green coffee beans which maintain the highest level of coffee aroma as compared to spray-dried and agglomerated. This best-in-class 3 in 1 can be considered as premium instant coffee mix because it possesses a very rich coffee aroma at a perfect blending.

What does freeze-dried 3 in 1 coffee look like?

One, main ingredient is freeze-dried coffee. As its name indicates, freeze-dried instant coffee is a kind of coffee being extracted from 100% green coffee beans at a very low temperature as frozen as refrigerator. Unlike heat system for spray-drying which can evaporate coffee aroma, the cold temperature used to freeze this kind of coffee helps to maintain coffee aroma and flavor at a highest level.

freeze-dried 3 in 1 coffee

Freeze-dried 3in1 instant coffee is blended by

Thus, the taste and aroma of freeze-dried are very natural and full-bodied. As it is frozen at cold degree, freeze-dried coffee will look like broken ices or ice crystals.

Two, refined sugar is mixed as normally. We also offer several options for sugar which meet most common demand of customers.

Three, well-selected non-diary creamer with different contents of fat and protein will considerably enrich the tastes of freeze-dried coffee to create best-in-range instant coffee cups for coffee lovers.

Freeze-dried 3 in 1 as compared to agglomerated and spray-dried 3 in 1: All are good but there are some different in details:

freeze-dried 3 in 1

Freeze-dried 3 in 1 in comparison with agglomerated 3 in 1 and classic 3 in 1.

Available blending for freeze-dried 3 in 1.

  • Freeze-dried 3 in 1 coffee: 100% robusta made.
  • Freeze-dried 3 in 1 coffee: 100% arabica made.
  • Freeze-dried 3 in 1 coffee: tailor-made blending between arabica and robusta.

Available packaging for freeze-dried 3 in 1.

  • Wholesale packing as in bulk: big bags/ cartons 0f 25kgs net weight.
  • Retail packaging with private label accepted: in small sachets/ sticks of 15gram to 40gram each.
  • Tailor-made packaging upon customer’s request.

Container loading: 600 bags/ cartons to fill up 1 container 20ft which is equivalent to 15 MT.

In summary, freeze-dried 3 in 1 coffee is deserved #1 ranking among popular instant coffee mixes thanks to its richest coffee aroma retained and finest quality. As a wholesale coffee supplier, we supply most common blending of freeze-dried 3 in 1 instant coffees with flexible packaging solutions. We do offer bulk packaging for wholesalers and also retail packaging with private label or buyer’s name for retailers or brand owners. We have been in the industry for years and thus, this helps us to offer the best and most suited freeze-dried 3 in 1 for all-sized customers to meet their local tastes.