Classic 3in1

Classic 3in1

What is classic 3 in 1 coffee?

Classic 3 in 1 coffee is made from spray-dried instant coffees mixed with sugar cane and non-diary creamer. As its name indicates, this kind of 3 in 1 coffee is a traditional single cup served which has been found long time ago. What makes it very classic is the main soluble coffee being used for the mix. Normally, it is coffee powder mixed with other ingredients to make a perfect cup of 3 in 1 instant coffees.

Our classic 3 in 1 coffee is a special kind of coffee drink which is made in a traditional way. It is delicious, rich in coffee aroma, ready to use, convenient and customized.

Why is classic 3 in 1 coffee very traditional?

First, our 3 in 1 coffee classic is made in a traditional way. We have already researched the tastes of many instant coffee mixes from other brands in the area and also researched behaviors of coffee lovers to find out the right 3in1 classic for our targeted markets. It is traditionally made from finest pure spray-dried instant coffees to be mixed with refined sugar cane and exceptional non-diary creamer. Coffee powder itself can be varied from 10% to 15% upon customer’s request. Our main sourcing for coffee powder is from Vietnam. Or, our soluble coffee for the mix is extracted from carefully-selected coffee beans across world’s famous coffee growing regions in Vietnam. In addition to this, we select 100% sugar made from sugar cane and premium non-diary creamer which is made from palm oil and palm kernel. Those ingredients are well-mixed together at a “secret” percentage to make an exceptional cup of instant coffee at a right balance.

classic 3 in 1 coffee

Classic 3in1 coffee consists of spray-dried instant coffee with sugar cane and non-dairy creamer.

Second, our classic 3 in 1 coffee can waken up your mind thanks to its rich coffee aroma and delicious taste. Classic 3in1 itself is a perfect blend of pure instant coffee inside with refine sugarcane and non-diary creamer. This is how we mix:

  • Spray-dried instant coffees (or coffee powder) are extracted from 100% green coffee beans which are well selected from famous growing regions across the country.
  • Different blendings that vary upon customer’s needs and tastes: 100% robusta made or 100% arabica made or blending between arabica and robusta.
  • Sugar cane which is made from tropical canes among the rich countries within the regions. It is pure, smooth and refined.
  • Non-diary creamers made by best selected suppliers.

Getting closer to the mix.

As a wholesale coffee supplier, we offer a very wide range of choices for classic 3 in 1 coffee which have different ratios and percentage to meet diversified tastes and drinking habits. The mixture may vary from 8% to 15% of spray-dried soluble coffee powder inside the mixture as a whole. This percentage also can be changed in terms of caffeine contents and sweetness and light or bold tastes, so on. Prospects can consider to put other ingredients into the mixture such as cocoa powder, hazelnut flavors, etc. which enable a truly unique taste for their brands. They all make our classic 3 in 1 coffee very rich in aroma, harmonized and diversified.

What are the packing sizes available?

In addition to the blending, our packaging makes classic 3in1 very convenient, ready to brew and easy to store. Having been packed in retail packing such as in small sachets, sticks, the net weight is around from 15gram to 40gram each. These gram-weighted packing’s are specially designed to fit a standard cup of coffee. You just tear one stick off, pour some hot water in and stir the powder well and very soon you have a perfect cup of classic 3in1 instant coffee mix by your own. No machines. No filter. Quick and ready to use. Also, it is very convenient to bring classic 3in1 on your journeys and travelling.

Most common packing details for classic 3in1 soluble coffee mix should be:

  • 15gram-sized sachets/ sticks; 10 or 20 units to fill up a box or plastic bag.
  • 18gram-sized sachets/ sticks; 10 or 20 units to fill up a box or plastic bag.
  • 20gram-sized sachets/ sticks; 10 or 20 units to fill up a box or plastic bag.
  • 40gram-sized sachets/ sticks; 10 or 20 units to fill up a box or plastic bag.

To conclude, our classic 3in1 instant coffees are made under well-managed quality control which helps to guarantee the best coffee mixes for our customers across the globe. We concentrate to delivering good quality 3in1 instant coffees, nice designs, diversified packing options. Coffee products are rich in coffee aroma, delicious in taste, convenient and ready to drink.