Agglomerated 3in1

Agglomerated 3in1

What is agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee?

Agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee is the coffee mixture which is made from pure agglomerated soluble coffee mixed with sugar and non-diary creamer. Agglomerated in particular is extracted from best selected green coffee beans with a modern extracting system which is modern than the one of spray-dried instant coffee. The coffee extract possesses a larger particle size and absolutely pure. Sometimes agglomerated soluble coffee is called coffee granules. Being years in the industry, we offer a couple of choices of agglomerated coffee 3 in 1 which are met most common demand of massive markets.

How do we mix our agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee?

First, we extract all of soluble substances from green coffee beans input to get the finest and purest instant coffee inside the mixture and take back coffee aroma to form coffee granules.

Next, those coffee granules will be mixed at the right method with selected sugar and non-diary creamers to create a right mixture with the reference to customer’s requirements. The right processes and integrated equipment are very important because if you mix at a wrong way, the density is not the same for the mixture as a whole.

Final, we pack the mixture at different packing options depending customer’s request as below:

  • Bulk packing with polyethylene liner: in bags or cartons of 25 kg (Net Weight). Customers will repack it at their will.
  • Retail packing with private label: in small sachets or sticks from 15gram to 40gram/each under buyer’s brand name.
agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee

Agglomerated soluble coffee (or coffee granules) is the main ingredient to blend agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee.

What are the differences between agglomerated 3 in 1 and classic 3 in 1?

  • More premium. Unlike spray-dried instant coffee powder, coffee granules have a higher aroma-retained which helps it to be more premium than instant coffee powder. The technology which is used to make coffee granules is different and modern.
  • Different forms. The particle size of agglomerated looks different as compared to classic instant coffee powder. Thus, the forms will look not the same when it is mixed with sugar and creamer to form 3 in 1 mixes. In terms of exterior appearance, agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee doesn’t look as smooth as this of classic 3 in 1. It is granules or clusters in deed.
  • Better tastes. Having been innovated from the traditional technology of making spray-dried instant coffees, coffee granules itself have better characteristics as compared to classic pure instant coffee. This new coffee has a better taste, richer aroma, and more charming flavor. When it is mixed with sugar and non-diary creamer at a balanced way, it offers coffee lovers an entirely new catering experience.

What are available formulae?

As being driven by passion for coffees, we have already created many formulae for 3 in 1 instant coffee mixed with a base of agglomerated coffee. That could be:

  • Agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee with 100% robusta made.
  • Agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee with 100% arabica made.
  • Agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee with different blending between arabica and robusta.
  • Like classic 3 in 1, the percentage of agglomerated may account for from 8% to 15% among the mixture as a whole.

Not only that, we do create private formulae for our customers upon their requests in order to meet the local tastes and habits.

What are available packing details?

Currently, we offer most common packing options for agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee as below:

  • Bulk packaging: in big bags/ cartons vary from 10 to 25kgs each. Targeted to wholesalers and roasters buy and repack. Container loading: 25kg: 600 units to fill up 1 container 20ft.
  • Retail packaging: in small sachets or sticks from 15gram to 40gram each with private label accepted.
  • Tailor-made packaging: upon customer’s request.

To sum up, our agglomerated 3 in 1 coffee is the perfect combination of pure coffee granules with sugar and best selected non-diary creamer. Like classic 3 in 1, it also delivers a convenient, delicious and rich in aroma instant coffee mix which you cannot miss at your daily life. We also introduce a couple of choices of packaging for this product range which can help customers to get a perfect one as easy as having an instant coffee cup.